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Leisure Life Demos

by Gentleman Reg

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There was this one time I went into it blind Seeking satisfaction And he didn’t seem to mind Sometimes they’re like that No need for facts Already forgot your name So here just write it on the back of my hand Don’t you remember Me from September When we got together It was quick now or never It’s the best kind You can leave it behind Home again alone again With nothing on your mind Make it better I don’t know how The best kind of addict Always let’s you down
You are hard to believe Most of the time I never saw, that you were a liar We know liars aren't brave Without courage The more you backed down The less I came around You sang songs I already sang The truth hangs all around the stage When I thought I was clean I was thrown off Invade my air Making me cough Don't trust the cracks Surprise attacks Hidden in darkness Don't show them your back You sang songs I already sang The truth hangs all around the stage You sang songs I already sang The truth hangs all around the stage
I’m a little bit freakin out I’m a little bit what’s going on I don’t know how to work it out I can’t think of any ways to get out of here There are words that get passed around I can feel them from my little space If you ever have wanted to save something Someone off the ground and looking for direction You wrote it down in a letter You always said it all better You wrote it down in a letter Make it through, make it through Make it all the way through I’m a little bit freakin out I’m a little bit what’s going on I don’t know how to work it out I can’t think of any ways to get out of here
Last left on the counter Followed by a shadow One of us is complete The other one is sallow Wedding ring finger We forget about that Even we love her I’m the slut who throws it all to shit I’m a little bit older than you And you’re the worst thing for me right now It’s you who will make the first move I’m a little bit older than you Every day assault on The chest against the pavement Every inaccessible thing to fixate on I almost will to happen I think it could have happened That night in the basement I was acting more the girlfriend than I should have I thought myself replacement Chorus
Boys piss me off All that you gave was a laugh But that’s hardly worth a few months And nights hover then expire You talked all throughout them And your love was so clinical and boring Now it’s gone, and i’m gone too But we’ll meet up again Some night when it’s convenient And say it feels good Even better than before Agree to try again Even though we made better friends When they ask me what i’m doing I’ll say i’m waiting around for gold And it just might last only one night Or it might be a year or more When it arrives our goodbyes Will have already been made When they ask me what i’m doing I’ll say i’m waiting around for gold Boys piss me off You're damn paper thin Others fawn They salute you you’re a pawn And I need to know How to escape Undo what we’ve done we know it’s wrong And nights become one In your room What’s the occasion? It seems we both forgot Not to cry We’ll never admit Our friends were right
Countless pretty faces Where to begin Not the type to get plucked off the floor Graceless and guarded to a fault Rather move along then get to know anyone Left to lie in the dirt He broke it off Now you need a new urge To rectify and help you stand Being alone is something you never had Another wasted day means I’m sleeping in Leave my dreams but leave my slippers on There only exists what you put in For a long time you felt like nothing at all Socialize and Observe How it’s rare when somebody else is sure And genuine, interested in the subtle things That you still have yet to say
Soft handshakes Painted on grin A little effort really wouldn’t hurt Gaze right through Out my head Eyes that flitter looking for something better instead When I’m right here Concentrate A conversation takes two to orchestrate A greater problem A boring puzzle No desire to solve him It’s like driving the truth Stretching out one’s youth I lost a tooth, i lost control of my whole life Such an obvious stain We sure love to point the blame When all it really takes is one eye on the road When it hurts to breathe When no one can believe That you can’t get up with the sun and the rest of us But really who would notice With eyes set on the prize Flash cards So hard Already forgot your name It’s like driving the truth stretching out one’s youth I lost a tooth, i lost control of my whole life Such an obvious stain We sure love to point the blame When all it really takes is one eye on the road
Too many maybes From your mouth lately I want some reassurance That by this time next week You’ll have lots to say when we speak And will have figured out what to do about him I have bore witness To failed attempts and misses Holding patterns don’t lie Years they’ve just crept up Never thought they would but Now you just regret lost time Don’t rely on Advice from me Don’t rely on Advice from me
One more time From down the line A brand new find Came into view With inception there is a clean table We strolled streets You fed me treats We did our best To never sleep When we ran outta track I turned my gaze down Guess what I am? I take the breaks And then I just don't give a damn Charm in a phone booth today Film the attack I spent a jealous afternoon on my back Charm in a phone booth today Realize that it’s the eyes Eventually we’ll need to see To rid this solo up and ditch my stable Words get rushed And can get crushed When the wires do the talking for us But that won’t stop the coin drop dial
The ladies offered me things For which I had to refuse Cause it’s the ribbons and bows That dampen the muse I'll take what’s inside Unmask or diffuse it And flaunt it to the others To see how they use it He that hits under With talk to stand behind it My weeks into years now But still I can’t find it (repeat) So light it up This is the end of decadence To over indulge and watch the middle get dense Under the eye patch Her prying eyes sense You can act impulsive and learn your favorite dance But over your shoulder Spin around look behind it When you know it’s right there But you just can’t find it (repeat) So light it up
Don’t give it away Hold onto the truth No matter what I say Don’t show what’s hidden Never ending game Puts me in the mood Like an open flame Don’t leave him unattended Pretty as can be Are the ones I should leave be Are the ones that start with T.R.O.U.B.L.E. trouble I should turn around Instead I stand my ground Observe this thing I found Treasure him like a trophy Sat next to me Wearing a gold scarf And drinking tea How it begins When our eyes lock And he grins No chance in hell he’ll stay to sleep Once again it’s on So I’ll let you in All the while predicting the end I lose points for keeping A defeatist attitude It’s always worth a try I’m not one to deny But a New York alibi Doesn’t make it true Once again it’s on


These are all solo demos that I recorded while working on the album that would become Leisure Life.
Recorded in 2010 at Heather Kirby's apartment.
I played all the instruments and sang and Heather recorded and mixed it all.

Leisure Life the album was a big new wave sounding rock record released in 2012 independently. I never worked harder on a Gentleman Reg album. Or spent more money recording one.
And ironically in some ways it was my least popular album to that point.
If was after this that I decided to put the project on hold.

But I've always personally loved alot of the songs from this album and these demos give them a completely different spin.
Just guitar and vocals for the most part with a few keys here and there.
It's a mellow affair. The opposite of what the final album ended up being.
These are the campfire versions of the songs.

The bulk of these tracks made the album, one became a b-side and a few were never released or worked on past this stage.
A few songs from the album I wrote after these sessions and demoed on Garageband myself but they're much rougher sounding so I didn't include them here.
These ones seem to fit together and have a very similar tone and feel.
And, I'm not embarrassed to show them to you!

It's been 8 years since I've released music from this project.
Many times over the years I've thought to put these demos out since what's the point of having them sitting on my hard drive where only I can hear them.
Suddenly today it occurred to me that it was the right time.


released March 20, 2020

Reg Vermue - Guitars, synths, vocals
Recorded and mixed by Heather Kirby in her apartment.

All songs written by Reg Vermue.
Except 'Freakin Out' written by Nancy Ogilvie/Reg Vermue.

All tracks appear on the album Leisure Life.
Except 'Feakin Out'. Originally released as a b-side it's not currently available.
And 'Holding Patterns', 'Light It Up' and 'Once Again It's On', have never been released or worked on past this demo stage.

Cover image taken by a bandmate on a Canadian East Coast Tour in 2012 with The Hidden Cameras.

This album is available exclusively here on Bandcamp.


all rights reserved



Gentleman Reg Toronto, Ontario

Leisure Life Demos. Recorded in 2010, released in 2020. Seems appropriate.

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